Important Dates

Fiscal Year :         July 1st – June 30th

Treasurer Duties

  • Receives all organizational funds, keeps complete records of income & expenses utilizing QuickBooks software on HCCW laptop & keeps an up-to-date backup of these records
  • Deposits all monies into the correct account in a timely manner
  • Pays all bills submitted with receipt/invoice within 30 days of receiving
  • Reconciles monthly Bank Statement with QuickBooks. Emails copy of reconciled Bank Statement to President.
  • Maintains files containing all statements, invoices and record of payments.
    • Income from: raffle, silent auction, live auction, ticket sales, table sales, cash donations, and any other income
    • Expenses from: raffle, silent auction, live auction, ticket purchases, programs, decorations, caterer, facility, music, and any other incurred expenses
    • Works with Fund Raiser Chairwoman on Final Fund Raiser Report to present to President and Membership to include:
    • Sends out letters with applicable forms to colleges, universities, and trade schools of scholarship recipients along with appropriate scholarship funds/checks
  • Submits a proposed Budget to the Executive Committee or President for approval prior to the September meeting (annual budget for the upcoming fiscal Year will be voted on by the membership at the September meeting)
  • Prepares and submits to accountant necessary QuickBooks files for filing with the IRS the beginning of July following the end of the Fiscal Year on June 30 and notifies President that this has been done. Including:
    • List of current officers with terms
    • Electronic QuickBooks file
    • Last monthly bank statement from all accounts


  • Requests IRS required W-9 forms from all vendors. Each January, using QuickBooks, prepares 1099s for vendors paid over $600 in previous CALENDER year
  • By November 30, submits membership report to Texas CattleWomen (TCW) including membership dues



  • Income for General Fund comes from membership dues, sale of items by Ways & Means, sale of water, etc. (money for Beef Education & Promotion is left in General Fund but comes from Fund Raiser, 10% and 30% of net proceeds from fund raiser respectively)
  • Income for Scholarship Fund comes from memorials and annual fund raiser (55% of net proceeds from fundraiser)
  • 5% of net proceeds from fund raiser will be designated for miscellaneous
  • A separate fund for Flowers & Memorials should be maintained and funded by donations at monthly meetings
  • All records, as required by the IRS, should be kept and maintained for seven (7) years.
  • QuickBooks software package and HCCW laptop are for HCCW records only and will be passed to next Treasurer and updated as needed
  • Treasurer shall work with the Fund Raiser Chairwoman, Ways & Means Chairwoman and other CattleWomen as needed to maintain credit card readers and credit card payment system.



Treasurer has a laptop Computer with Quickbooks is for her use with for payments



Christi McAllister