Important Dates

Scholarship Committee Duties

  1. The Scholarship Committee, consisting of one chairwoman and four members, will serve on committee for one year.  The Chair does not have a vote.  No committee member can have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew under consideration for scholarship.  One or more member(s) shall serve as a carry-over for the next year.  It is preferred but not necessary that a carry-over member to be selected by the President as Chairwoman.
  2. If there are less than 3 committee members present to rate the scholarship applications, the President, 1st Vice President, or Chairwoman can sit on the committee.

Winners will be announced to HCCW membership in a summer newsletter and the next meeting of HCCW.  Pictures of winners will be published in local newspaper with scholarship awards.  Pictures of recipients will be used in annual fundraising efforts




  1. Work with Social Media Chair to update the website to include:
    1. Replace contact person, email etc with your name
    2. Update poster on website to reflect last year’s scholarship amounts, dates etc.
    3. Your budget is $50 unless updated
    4. Contact committee members for responsibilities
    5. Review any updates that may be needed for upcoming yearbook
  2. Prepare Scholarship Posters on Colored Paper – Give to Ag Day Chair & County Area Chairs
  3. March – Send articles to Newspapers & Distribute Posters to Feed Stores, Churches, Agri-life Offices, County Agents, Supermarkets, etc.
  4. Remind members at monthly meetings to get the word out


Upon Receipt of Applications by Chair

  1. Number the envelope upon receipt
  2. Send applicant an email confirming receipt of Application
  3. Verify Receipt of Application by required date, if late exclude from consideration
  4. Completed & signed application – verify information including hours & grades, exclude from consideration if applicant does not have criteria
  5. Transcript – Texas University
    1. Official, stamped
    2. 60 hours, GPA 2.8
  • 12 hours each semester
  1. Grades reflecting spring semester
  1. Applicant – US citizen & resident of one of our 14 counties
  2. Recommendation letters
  3. Complete a Cover Sheet & attach
  4. If any application is lacking in the above criteria, make a note on envelope, and explain to committee why an applicant is not being considered.
  5. Redact or white out names of applicant or any identifying information prior to sharing with committee to assure anonymity. 



  1. Review & Score with Score Sheet (don’t worry about #’s too much)
  2. May consider amount of scholarships & grant monies applicants have available
  3. Each member place Score Sheets in order from best to least deserving
  4. Discuss with each other
  5. Award top 2 awards $5,00 & $2,500
  6. Determine, if available, additional scholarships


Upon determination of awards Chair will:

  1. Type a list of Awards & Regrets
  2. Indicate amount of scholarship, name of recipient, University, degree, email, and Student ID#
  3. Total Scholarship amount
  4. List of Regrets below – names only
  5. Send a copy to President
  6. Send Awards & Regrets Letters
  7. Upon receipt of emailed Picture, thank you note & parent’s names, verify on list
  8. Upon list completion of verified list, send to Treasurer so that she can send monies to
  9. Send copy of list and pictures to Fund Raiser Chair, Women’s Ranch Seminar Chair and Historian.
  10. Give thank you notes and copy of pictures to yearbook person.
  11. Write articles for each recipient to their respective newspapers with a general article for any additional counties.
  12. Announce recipients at next meeting
  13. Retain copies of applications for one year for referral at next year’s Committee meeting
  14. Identify person to chair the next year’s Scholarship Committee

Bonnie Eckhardt