Important Dates

Nominating Committee

  • Becomes knowledgeable of position duties & what is expected from each officer
  • Evaluates candidates for nomination, looking at abilities & responsibilities needed to perform the position
  • Contacts & informs prospective nominees of duties of proposed office & asks for acceptance to the position by each prospective nominee
  • Announces officer nominees to HCCW membership in the September Newsletter. (General membership attending the September meeting will vote to confirm nominations).


  • Nominating Committee selects a slate of officers every 2 years
  • Committee is selected by the President
  • Committee consists of 5 members
  • Identity of members of Committee is not announced to the membership
  • New slate of officers will begin their term at the June meeting

Alice Anderson


Cell: 830-446-9691

Committee Members:

Teri Hartmann

Karen Schneider

Gene Witt

Kay Suave – Ward