Important Dates


    1. Keeps informed of pending rules, regulations, and legislation at the local, state and national levels that will have detrimental effect to our BEEF industry and PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.
    2. Presents informational materials to the membership in the monthly newsletter & at the monthly meetings.
    3. Maintains contact with the State & National Legislative Chairwomen. Utilizes all BEEF industry & PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS sources (i.e. State & National Cattlemen Associations, Farm Bureau, The American Stewards of Liberty, etc.) to keep informed of current issues.
    4. Sends to President any issue that needs immediate action by the membership for approval to be sent out to the membership via email. The President will see that it goes to the person responsible for doing organization emails.
    5. Hosts the January meeting. This includes arrangements of location, luncheon & speaker.  Assistance may be given if needed by other members and the executive committee.


Katie Vinson