Important Dates

Corresponding Secretary Duties

  1. Receives and acknowledges all memorials sent to HCCW (use HCCW logo stationary)
    1. Sends a card acknowledging memorial to family of the deceased
    2. Acknowledges receipt of memorial to donor
    3. Enters information of donation into Memorial Notebook with donor’s name & amount received
    4. Sends check to Treasurer promptly for deposit into Scholarship/Education Fund
  2. Sends out notes for sympathy, get well, thank you, and any other requested correspondence required
  3. Notifies the President & Treasurer when additional note cards & envelopes are needed
  4. Stays current on status of membership & is timely with all correspondence
  5. Serves as the HCCW Inventory Manager (keeps HCCW items and is responsible for keeping records of their issue & return)

Victoria Tedder