Hill Country Cattlewomen Participate in

Community Ag Days

HCCW has a booth each year at the Farm Bureau Sponsored Ag Days In:

Bandera County, Kerr County, Gillespie County, Mason County, and Llano County.  Presentations on the nutritional value of beef in the diet are presented to 4th grade students in each county.  Using educational materials from the Texas Beef Council, HCCW members teach students about ZIP, zinc, iron, and protein found in beef.  Posters include cattle breeds and beef cuts.  The numerous beef by-products are introduced by display.  Kids love to know how many baseballs can come out of one cowhide.  And they love to snack on the gummy bears and marshmallows that are also a gelatin beef by-product.

Kerr County Ag Days 2021

Kendall County Ag Days 2022